Comics in a Museum of Modern Art. Hans Ulrich Obrist, Robert Crumb, Art Spiegelman, John Carlin, Borys Filonenko


Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Robert Crumb, Art Spiegelman, John Carlin, Borys Filonenko
116 p.
ISBN: 978-966-97657-5-8
Language: Ukrainian


“Lichtenstein did no more or less for comics than Andy Warhol did for soup,” said Art Spiegelman, the author of the graphical novel “Maus” and the editor of the RAW magazine, with regards to the relationship between comics and art. The exhibition “High and Low: Modern Art and Contemporary Culture” (New York Museum of Modern Art, 1990) enraged the community of independent comics writers by having placed American comics next to works by Juan Miro, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Philip Gaston, and others. Spiegelman published a comic strip directed against the exhibition in the Artforum magazine, and fifteen years later he helped to organize the exhibition “Masters of American Comics” (The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, 2005) – without any pieces by contemporary artists at all.

Is it possible to write the history of the contemporary art without mentioning comics? What distinguishes pop art from underground comics? How do the American comic book writers see their own canon? The answers to these questions are given by curators, art critics, comics critics and writers in the fourth book of Small Run Books series.

Compiled by Borys Filonenko. Translated by Iaroslava Strikha. Editing and proofreading by Iryna Troskot. Designed by 3Z Studio. Typesetting by Dasha Podoltseva. Comics typesetting by Danyl Shtanheyev. Lettering by Dasha Rakova.

The book will be available in September 2018.


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